YES2 - "Aqua Boogie" painting

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YES2  - "Aqua Boogie"  Spray Enamel on Canvas.  Size measures 16 x 20". 2003

                   Graffiti artist YES2 was inspired by the images he saw painted on the cities subways and in its streets in the  New York of the 1980's. Giving in to his desire to join in on the beautiful destruction he began creating his own works in the streets using spray paint in 1986. Painting feverishly in NYC in the late 80's, through the 90's and into the new millennium, YES2 has become a well recognized and influential figure not only in his native NY but also in the global Graffiti community. Beginning travels abroad in 1996, the artist has painted in the streets of Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Canada, as well as various cities in the U.S. 

Known for what some call a typical NY style of graffiti lettering, the artist has fun continually re-inventing his style while still maintaining the signature aggressive, dynamic, and energetic graffiti look, with a pinch of wit and a sprinkle of 'I don't give a shit'. Never finding the time to slow down, YES2 continues to live in NYC and create his work in varying forms and on various surfaces throughout the world.


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