TYO x Tag your own Truck "5"

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5" Tag Your Own Box Truck - Series 5 

TYOTOYS reintroduces the box truck platform with the 5.25" DIY Series 5. This truck is the latest in a series of blank rolling stock die cast from TYOTOYS. Working closely with the Shing Fat Crew of China, we found a perfect casting with a size and mix of materials that allows us to offer this DIY at the best possible prices. The Series 5 features:

  • Opening rear doors
  • Chrome wheels
  • Metal cab with plastic parts
  • Easily customized with whiteboard or permanent markers
  • Mini Sharpie marker included
The box truck platform series from TYOTOYS initially hit shelves in early 2010. Met with success in the art toy market and distributed worldwide, the platform is a rare pickup by Kidrobot, being one of the few DIY platforms sold by the company other than their own DIY products.

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