TAKI 183- "Untitled #2" On Canvas

TAKI 183- "Untitled #2" On Canvas

TAKI 183- "Untitled" Marker and Spray on canvas. Measures approx. 55 x 85 inches (140 x 217 cm). Comes with COA from TAKI. From 2009.

TAKI 183, WC 232

 In 1969, a bored young Greek kid named Demetrius started writing his nickname, Taki, followed by his street number all over his neighborhood. He got the idea from Julio 204; probably the first tagger in NYC.  Unlike Julio who never left the Inwood neighborhood his gang was based in, Taki 183 became the first city-wide writer.  He started in Washington Heights and gradually made his way south on the 1 train as he commuted to high school downtown. In the early 70s he took up a gig as a bike and foot messenger and suddenly, throughout the 5 boroughs, Taki 183 was everywhere.

 The diminutive tag plainly scrawled with a magic marker was unimpressive by artistic standards but the scope of his tag in unlikely places like Wall Street was far-reaching.

 On July 21, 1971 the New York Times published a brief article on the elusive Taki 183 and a photo of his tag.  Overnight, graffiti exploded. Youths across the city began emulating him and the graffiti movement gained tremendous momentum. Not the first writer, but the first writer with a little bit of press, Taki 183 ensured himself a prominent spot in the annals of graf.

 Charged with starting the movement, he gradually slipped from the scene. Aside from a flashy website for worldwide graf enthusiasts to drool over, when he put down his marker, he didn't look back. 

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TAKI 183