CRIME79  -  "Untitled 1" NYC Map

CRIME79 - "Untitled 1" NYC Map

CRIME79 - Map “Untitled 1”- Acrylic, Spray and Marker on NYC map. Size measures  23"x 29" from 2010



About the Artist


Born in New York City’s Hells Kitchen in the revolutionary 60’s and growing up in the crime ridden streets of East New York Brooklyn during the 70’s. “ Crime79” conceptualized at an early age the power of art as the true voice of the unheard. 
A controversial and defiant artist. Crime79’s works are mostly defined as simply revolutionary. His messages provide a dosage of consciousness that force the viewer to think. Drawing since a child he started painting on subways in 1977 and is considered a true pioneer. His works are documented in Subway Art the true bible of street art as well as documentaries, films, music videos, publications worldwide. His works have been seen in The Source Magazine, Art News, Print, Warp Magazine , Stress Magazine , The Village Voice, BETTelevision etc. Crime79 is one of the early artists to transition from the subway era into the gallery scene in the early 80’s