T-KID 170 "TNB Explosion"

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T-KID 170 “TNB Explosion”- Marker on paper. Size measures 9"x 12" 1994

Raised in the Bronx in the Bronx by first generation Latino immigrants, Julius Cavero received his artistic training in the streets when he became T-Kid 170 in 1977. His start on trains had a take-no-prisoners attitude and he quickly gained a reputation as a style master for creating exciting and innovative whole cars. By the early 1980s his trains were the ones to watch out for and were photographed by photographer Henry Chalfant and included in the book, "Subway Art." Today Julius, travels around the world collaborating with other style masters and influencing new generations with his paintings. Most recently his likeness was featured in the video game, "Getting-Up: Contents under pressure."


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