SYE - "Village 1" Black Book Drawing

SYE - "Village 1" Black Book Drawing

SYE – “Village 1” Black Book Drawing. 1988. Marker on paper. Size 10.5″ × 13.5″.

“the time it reflected that whole vibe from the village. the whole club scene – the garage, the baseline, the limelight, zanzibar, etc..”

Enigmatic Queens native. As a youngster, possessing artistic ability was second nature. In 1980, the lure of the graffiti culture was hypnotic. Interest in letter manipulation was sparked by a younger sibling which resulted in the birth of S-Y-E.

Sye would align himself with one of Queens most famous and prolific crews, The Public Animals (TPA crew). Together with CER, DEMO, LUST, PW, KAP, SLOAN, ADAM, SCOP, 2NICE, SOFINE, EZO, BREAK, SPICER, they would wreak havoc on the BMT and IND train lines.

The journey continues, and in 2005, Sye would be reborn; on a new mission, with a new crew…


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