STEVEN THOMAS - "The End is Coming"

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Steven Thomas – Titled “The End is Coming” Giclee Printed on canvas stretched around a wooden frame. Embellished with Acrylic. 24/32in with a 1” thickness. Signed Verso.

Steven Thomas is a young emerging artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He offers us a unique, and sometimes controversial vision dealing with issues like sex, violence, and religion. While his highly personal and revealing work can be very raw and disturbing, there is a lot of love and intimacy in his approach. His stylized figures are defined by having one big eye and one little eye, emaciated bodies, and haunting expressions. He draws influences from traditional fine artists like Michaelangelo, and Egon Schiele as well as cartoonists and illustrators such as Frank Miller, and Ralph Bakshi. In one year Steven has taught himself to paint, built up a considerable body of work, and is beginning to grab the attention of the art world. This young artist is flying just below the radar right now, but in the coming years he will most certainly become one of the most important voices of this generation of artists.


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