SP.ONE - "Untitled"  drawing

SP.ONE - "Untitled" drawing

SPONE - "Untitled"  drawing , measures 12"x12" and accomplished with marker on an album sleeve. 

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Greg Lamarche started making collages and writing graffiti in the early 1980s. From 1992 -95 he published the seminal graffiti magazine Skills. Since 1999 he has been working as a fine artist and graphic designer.  His collages are exhibited in galleries around the world and he has site specific murals in Brooklyn, Miami, Venice and London. His artwork has been featured in numerous books and publications including Juxtapoz Magazine, Print Magazine, the New York Times and The History of American Graffiti. Recent design projects include collaborations with Converse, Facebook, J Crew and Shake Shack

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