Roy Schreuder - Untitled #2

Roy Schreuder - Untitled #2

Roy Schreuder – Untitled #2 (hand with the spraycan) Size 40 × 50 cm, stencils on canvas.

I’m Roy Schreuder an 18 year old student from Leeuwarden, Holland.
I started doing stencils and street art in 2007. At first I only did stencils, now I also do paste-ups and sticker art.
Besides the regular stencils I like to work with optical art in my stencils (for example I use a lot of halftone stencils and I like to work with pixels)
This is my first show since I have been doing street art for a relatively short time.
Normally I only trade artwork with other artists so this will also be my first pieces for sale.
People can contact me and see more of my work on


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Roy Schreuder