REVOLT "Painting" 1983

Revolt – "Revolt", aerosol on thin metal. from 1983, part of an installation at the landmark REVOLT vs ZEPHYR show at gallery 51X. The painting comes in 2 pieces, each 4 feet by 8 feet, total size 4 feet X 16 feet long. Metal is thin and comes rolled. In very good condition, some surface dirt, and dings along edges, painting is excellent with NO cracking.  Truly a classic early work by DR REVOLT. This painting was also featured in Art in America magazine and comes with a signed copy from 1985. Also includes 1. COAs. 2. 51X show invite 3. Original show slides 4. Art in America magazine 1984 features Revolt painting at 51X with original Revolt tag on page..

Considered a historic landmark show Revolt vs Zephyr embodied the true spirit of graffiti art. It was one of the showcasing graffiti as is in a gallery setting. The installation resembled what graffiti actually looked like on trains and in the streets. Execution of the installation was also done the way as in the streets by the artists. Most of the time graffiti writers created the finished pieces in a single night. At 51X each artist got a brick wall facing one another to paint. Revolt and Zephyr showed up together at the gallery and went to work. A defining moment in the history of graffiti art.




About the Artist


Revolt - 

Born and raised in New York City, with graffiti roots in the early 70’s, REVOLT is an original member of the historic NYC subway graffiti crew, The Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW). Known for his ultra-colorful tags and elaborate pieces on the Broadway #1 line, with heavily influenced psychedelic and comic art stylings, and later, taking it “all-city”. With contributions to the seminal classic hip-hop films, “Wild Style and “Style Wars”, his participation in the 80’s East Village art gallery scene, various music videos and, album covers, animation, comics, vinyl toy design, and creating the classic “YO! MTV Raps’ logo. His early 80’s tour of duty in the city of Baltimore is legendary, where he, like a “Messenger of Style”, singlehandedly kick-started a graffiti scene there that still feels his influence today.

His place in the history of “graff-dom” is set.

His work has been seen in various publications and art galleries globally. Recent collaborations and conspiracies include: Roger Waters’ Live Earth show, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, VH-1, Scion Installation, Swindle Magazine, Illmatic, ChocolateBar, Kid Robot, Dickies, The Stussy World Tour, E.S.P. The Tri-CoastalGraffiti Show, Juxtapoz, Sony Music, Graffiti: Spirit of an Age @ 40 × 10, Bethel Center For New Media Arts, Le TAG au Grand Palais, The Draw Show, Definition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop, Nimbus Vapor, Back to the Fun Gallery @ Meltdown, NYC Black Book Masters, and Zune Arts.