PRIZ ONE  "Olds-Cool Attitude" Trains of Thought

PRIZ ONE "Olds-Cool Attitude" Trains of Thought

PRIZ ONE– ""Olds-Cool Attitude"" Trains of Thought. 2011. Acrylic/Paint markers and Ink over Giclee train on art paper. Size approx 36″ × 9″.

PRIZ-ONE started tagging under various aliases such as RM/MR, SWAN-ONE, TLD (TRAINS LODGING DESTRUCTION), PRISM/ PRIZM above and below Riverside Park . As a kid, he attended P.S. 9 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the 1970's, he became heavily influenced by DEAN and JEAN-13, BAD as well as other older writers from Brandeis High School, who would later be known as "BYB" the (BAD YARD BOYS). He then started "motioning" as a novice on the insides of IRT Broadway no. 1 trains by the late 1970's. His transition from Black Books to painting subway car exteriors wasn't official until the early 1980's.
His tag pseudonym of PRIZ/PRIZ-ONE would originate from the PRISMA font of a letterset/ typography book. In the early '80s, PRIZ was befriended by STAN-ONE, an older seasoned Broadway writer who was also President of a well-known graffiti crew called TS5/TSF (THE SPANISH 5IVE). After school, PRIZ began teaming up with him as well as other older veteran writers of TS5 and TMT crew. He would be granted membership to TSF where he still holds a prominent role today.

Graffiti on trains has always been a controversial medium, and this has certainly been one of the reasons that has made the form controversial and has brought such popularity to the movement.Although there have been many arguments about graffiti on trains,

the train has been the medium of choice for the 'Graffiti Writer'. It is something that has been a vital part of the New York transit history, 
that often is spoke about by many of those who have had the experience to witness the works displayed on the subway system of New York.

"Trains of Thought" has re- captured the true attitude of graffiti once again, by placing original art form on trains!
An archival pigment print of a railcar placed on acid free museum quality paper was distributed out to numerous artists. Each artist then creates an original artistic rendition of whatever it is their 'thoughts' would take them.

These 'train cars' are beautifully adorned with mixed mediums and have been creatively hand embellished by the most talented New York Graffiti masters of yesterday and today.


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