PJAY ONE - "Unititled 2" NYC Transit Map

PJAY ONE - "Unititled 2" NYC Transit Map

PJAY ONE - "Unititled 2" NYC Transit Map. Measures 23"x 32".  Marker and on MTA NYC Map.


About the Artist


Pjay One, a moniker known to many, yet known an individual known by few. Pjay One entered into the realm of graffiti in New York City towards the late end of the 70's. Being an alert studious one, he quickly absorbed all of the advice and offerings proffered by those who mentored him.  Though living "across town", on the other side of the Bronx, and after showing promise, Pjay One was quickly taken into the fold by no other than SEEN UA. A kinship as well as a body of works, of historic proportions soon followed. The dominance of the United Artists Crew in the 80's, as well as their proliferation of endless whole cars, burners, as well as throw ups are well-documented. These accomplishments are in fact attributed to the inclusion of Pjay One. 

Not being satisfied with mediocrity, Pjay One would often venture out to the other train lines which ran through the labyrinth of the city. For example, when piecing on the IRT number 4 line, he would often partner up with MITCH 77, BAN 2 or one of the many other preeminent writers of the day. It was the respect of Pjay One harbored by others, which afforded Pjay One all-city access.  For respect was often measured with equal parts of skill, as well as dedication. Traits which are evident in the map(s) offered here.

Public offerings by Pjay One, are to say the least few and rare. In the past, Pjay One has only created and given/traded his works to those close to him. Future availability of items from Pjay One remain uncertain. Thus, herein lies before you, an opportunity to acquire that missing piece for your graff collection.