Paper Rad- Cartoon Workshop

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Cartoon Workshop/Pig Tales is the follow-up to Paper Rad’s acclaimed “Paper Rad, B.J. and da Dogs” is both a return to form and a move forward for the group. Focusing on their joke-oriented side, they’ve produces a book of exuberant fun. Bringing together funny comic strips, psychedelic imagery, and their lo-fi digital wizardry, this new volume is a great sampling of what the group can accomplish as entertainers. This is book-as-variety show, as the energetic collective bounces from longer stories like Patrick and Catrick to suites of gag cartoons like Pig Tales, to drawings of Alf, and Miss Piggy and pixilated creatures. Throughout, Paper Rad brings both silly humor and serious satire, bringing their unique blend of cartoon absurdism to new heights.

96 pages, softcover, 4×6, full color
Also available with a Six-Color limited edition!!


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