PAPER MONSTER - Hope for Change

PAPER MONSTER - Hope for Change

PAPER MONSTER - Titled “Hope for Change”.Original Stencil and collage on Canvas.
Measures 12”x16”
Signed and dated verso, “08”

PaperMonster is a stencil graffiti artist and designer. His stencil work explores the beauty behind the eyes and facial expressions of women. PaperMonster incorporates stencil and pasting techniques to create pieces of art on any surface by mashing aspects of various cultures to present vibrant emotions and stories. Stencil art has become one of the most effective and simples forms of self expression which can be replicated on a massive level. PaperMonster captures the technique and allows for each stencil to carry a unique delicacy and vibrant detail. His work has been featured in countless magazines and exhibitions throughout the world such as Stolen Space Gallery (London) and Rokon Magazine (Seoul, Korea). PaperMonster consistently has exciting and new projects that truly demonstrate his capabilities as an artist. He is featured in Stencil Nation, by Russell Howze and has upcoming exhibitions for, Art Whino, Stencil Nation, International Poster Festival, 400ml Project and Metropolis Gallery.



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