PADE "City Hall 1" NYC Map

PADE "City Hall 1" NYC Map


PADE - RTW  "City Hall 1" Acrylic markers NYC Metro Map, 2011. Measures 23"x 32". 


About the Artist


PADE aka Wayne Barnes was born in 1964 in New York City and grew up on Little west 12th st., the heart of 
the meat packing district. Being the son of painter Joe Barnes he has virtually been exposed to art all his life. 
PADE is a self taught artist who began writing graffiti in 1977. After writing with Seen on the 6 line in 1979 he 
joined the Rolling Thunder Writers, a prolific team of graffiti artists. PADE went on to become a major player 
within the RTW ranks in the early 1980s, partnering with fellow members Min One, Sach, Quik, IZ, Revolt, Kel, Shy 147, Rich2, Boe and Haze. The Rolling Thunder Writers unleashed an all out takeover of most of the New York City subway lines. PADE played a big part during that takeover.The lettering, color and form displayed in PADE's paintings represent the style of the Rolling Thunder Writers which eminates from works done on NYC subway trains. PADE's work is influenced by underground comics, Pop Art, and most importantly, images of growing up as a graffiti writer in the Big Apple during a time of urban decay. Today PADE resides in Thailand, spending the better part of the year there, painting and practicing kung fu.