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NATE "IGOR" SMITH - Titled "Lenor" C- Print, measures 11x17. From an edition of 5. 2010.

"My name is Nate Smith but pretty much everyone calls me Igor. I was born and raised about a mile from the Virginia/DC border which makes me technically from the South but don't tell anyone. I have a BFA in photography and film from Virginia Commonwealth University and I was once named "Hero of the Week" by reality show star Tila Tequila. 
I have been running the blog for the last 10 years and have some how turned it into a living. Outside of my blog I do a ton of freelance photography with my most regular clients being the Village Voice, Inked Magazine and Vice Magazine's Dos and Don'ts. I have been threatened by both Kanye West and Paris Hilton's body guards, I have crashed on a couch in Lady Gaga's hotel room, and for unexplainable reasons I was on Good Morning America and was berated by Bill O'reilly in the same week. I have never paid for sex or killed anyone, but I did once throw a 300lb pumpkin out of speeding minivan. 
I got into photography to shoot the punk bands in DC that were on the record label that I started when I was 15. By the time I was 17 I was sure I was going to be either Glen E. Friedman or a serious documentarian like Bruce Davidson.  I wanted to be taking very serious important photos that people would remember forever but somehow along the way I became a party photographer. 
So now at 30 years old I shoot mostly drunk hipster kids and naked tattooed girls. Not that I am complaining too much; Partying and hanging out with nude models for a living is not the worst job a guy could have, but I would like to be known for more than being a fucking party photographer"



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