Michael Owen - To Be Free

Michael Owen - To Be Free

Michael Owen - Titled "To Be Free". 32"x 24", acrylic on wood, 2010.

Michael Owen is a contemporary painter who has already reached milestones in his young career that would make even the most seasoned artists envious. From large-scale public art commissions to solo exhibitions in top galleries, Michael’s style continues to evolve as he challenges himself with each new project he undertakes. 

Visually, Michael's work uses bold, graphic imagery to pull the viewer into the piece, to divulge softer and intimate messages and metaphors. While his work could be classified as figurative, its subtle compositional details and deep meanings are reminiscent of a more conceptual genre. Typically, less is more in Michael's work as he employs minimalism to access a wider audience, allowing more room for each viewer to insert his own story. 

Maps & Memories, his most recent body of work was first shown as a solo exhibition at Schiavone Fine Art in Baltimore. The exhibit included seventeen new paintings and mural installations, which wrapped the gallery from corner to corner. This series adheres to Michael’s recognizable minimal and graphic style, while moving in the direction of abstraction, fragmenting maps and disorienting figures. Thematically, the work focused on a recent six month adventure in Miami and the artist’s relationship with the city. 

Michael is the founder and lead artist of the Baltimore Love Project, a self-initiated series of 20 love-themed murals spread throughout the city. The Baltimore Love Project has been on the cover of both the Baltimore Sun and b! Daily, and has been featured by the prestigious Wooster Collective. 

Michael is also the artist behind one of the nation's longest murals, also located in Baltimore. Covering both sides of a quarter-mile underpass, Michael utilized a painting of a parade to showcase the particular ways in which the two adjacent neighborhoods celebrate community. As both ends come together, the imagery explores the similarities of the neighborhoods. 

Michael lives with his wife and son in an old rowhome in Baltimore’s Highlandtown Arts District. 

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