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MICHAEL KRUEGER, Titled “Dutch Money, archival digital print and lithography w/ hand cutting and folding, 10.5” x 16.5”, 2007 Two separate prints make up this piece limited edition – 6 sets of prints, only 4 available.

This image is a recreation of two pot leaves; the leaves were scanned and reproduced with a high-end archival digital printer. One leaf has polka dots overprinted on the leaf using the tradition print media lithography. While the other leaf has a series of colored paint splatters overprinting using the same lithographic process.

The Full Metal Journals prints are digital printouts of Michael Krueger’s original high school notebooks with hand-drawn lithographic images printed over them. The notebooks are subtly manipulated in PhotoShop altering the surface to make room for a new image. The new images printed over the digital facsimiles of the notebooks are personal free associations combined with more directed images that conjure war, drug culture and early American history. The updated notebooks are rich with psychological dementia describing past and current cultural paranoia.


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