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MICHAEL KRUEGER, Titled “Alice”, archival digital print and lithography with
hand cutting and folding, 11.5” x 9”, only 6 available. 2007.

This is a facsimile of an original absence slip recovered from the pages of
the artist’s original high school notebooks. Each note is scanned, enlarged
and printed on a beautiful Japanese paper called Gampi with a high quality
archival digital printer. The paper is thin and resembles the look and feel
of the original notes while having it’s own special qualities. The artist
then prints over these school notes with the traditional printmaking medium,
lithography. The new Imagery is overprinted on these tardy slips that brings
a contemporary vision and significance to the 20-year-old scrap paper.
Finally these notes are cut out, torn and folded to mimic the original
tears, folds and imperfections of the original school notes. The result is a
strange oversize note that has a real object-like quality.

The Full Metal Journals prints are digital printouts of Michael Krueger’s original high school notebooks with hand-drawn lithographic images printed over them. The notebooks are subtly manipulated in PhotoShop altering the surface to make room for a new image. The new images printed over the digital facsimiles of the notebooks are personal free associations combined with more directed images that conjure war, drug culture and early American history. The updated notebooks are rich with psychological dementia describing past and current cultural paranoia.


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