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MICHAEL KRUEGER, Titled “Heavy Flies”, archival digital print and lithography w/ hand cutting and folding, 19” x 15.5”, 2007 limited edition – 4 prints
This is a facsimile of a page from the artist’s original high school notebooks. Each page is printed on a beautiful Japanese paper called Gampi with a high quality archival digital printer. The paper is thin and resembles the look and feel of the original notebook pages while having it’s own special qualities. The artist then prints over these notebook pages with the traditional printmaking medium, lithography. New Imagery is overprinted ultimately juxtaposed with imagery the artist created 20 years ago. Finally these pages are cut out, torn and folded to mimic the original tears, folds and imperfections of the original notebook pages. The result is a strange oversize notebook page that has a real object-like quality.


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