MEME "Freighter Chaser" Map

MEME "Freighter Chaser" Map

MEME "Freighter Chaser" Map. Paint Marker on 11"x12" on freighter map.

Self-taught graffiti artist and skateboarder Meme hails from Northern California. She started skateboarding at the young age of 15.  Whilst at a skate park in Truckee, California, she fell in love with some colorful graffiti on a freight train and since then graffiti has played a large part of her life.


Motivated to start something positive that would combine her passions, Meme created an all-female group of artists and skaters under the heading of “Few and Far”. The organization now has 17 international members who paint murals together around the world and skateboard together across the US, whilst supporting and empowering each other as women and artists. Few and Far has become a powerful female voice in the male-dominated world of skateboarding and graffiti.


Alongside organizing Few and Far, Meme also directs creative photo shoots, facilitates skateboard and mural projects, plans group trips and paints and skates every day. She recently went to Bali and organized a large scale mural project with children there. She strives to improve the world around her through activism and art. 

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