MARCEL DZAMA The Berlin Years 2nd Edition

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The Berlin Years
2nd Edition
Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama has changed everything we know about art that involves alligators and men in bear costumes holding guns. Dzama is from Winnipeg, and his work shows frequently in New York and on Beck’s album covers. Sometimes he paints with root beer.

This book—it’s not even a book at all, really—is an envelope with thirty-two loose-leaf prints good enough to frame plus a scrapbook plus an insert card plus an intro by Sarah Vowell. We’ve just brought it back into existence after a long absence, and it’s a wonderfully multifaceted introduction to the work of a really amazing artist.

“Even though we get no context behind the falling frogs, child-abducting owls, dancing half-humans and hemorrhaging mutants in his drawings (especially since many are untitled), we know a greater narrative exists in Dzama’s head. Half the enjoyment is trying to read his mind.”
- USA Today

Full color, on paper stock used by the artist for his original work; 13″ × 10″. Partially Shrink wrapped, opened at top. Condition “New”


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