LSD-OM - "Wood Laser Tag"

Sold out.

LSD-OM -  Hand Painted wood laser cut Tag. Measures approx 18"x13x1", from 2007.

Signed, titled and dated verso.

LSD OM began his writing career on he upper west side of Manhattan in 1969, he has the rare distinction of being the
only writer from the 60’s to go on to do pieces on the trains.
At the height of his writing career, from 1973 to 1976, LSD OM wrote with every great writer of his generation, including 
a partnership with the legendary STAYHIGH 149. The two tags side by side were dazzling and one of the highlights of this show are the colabs between the two great writers.
In 1974 LSD OM and FLINT created the graffiti crew the Rebels, a crew that helped pave the way for RTW years later. Writers who have acknowledged his influence include 
HAZE, ZEPHYR and REVOLT – now it’s your turn.


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