LECKOMIO ( Stefan Winterle) - Fat Cap 1

LECKOMIO ( Stefan Winterle) - Fat Cap 1

LECKOMIO ( Stefan Winterle), title: fatcap 1
size: 12×20 inches
medium: stencils on wood.

My name is Stefan Winterle a.k.a. LECKOmio.
I am not too good in describing things that`s why I am painting.
But I`ll try my best for you:

I am into Graffiti Art since 1993 and I love it since the first smell of Spraypaint.
That very moment I was sure the spraycan would be the tool to realise my creativity. After getting into much trouble with the strong arm of law I`ve started to paint on canvases. But I felt very limited to do classic writing on a canvas. I also did not want to switch to brushes or markers.
That`s why I started to cut my first Stencil in 2002.
From that point on I have been improving my skills to get better results.

Because I had no Internet in 2002 I was not aware of this worldwide movement called “Stencil Graffiti”.
Now, hundreds of blades and 7 years later I am very proud to have exhibited in Australia, the United States, throughout Europe and Iran.


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LECKOMIO ( Stefan Winterle)