LADY PINK "Idyllic Scene with 7 Train" Print


LADY PINK- Titled “Idyllic Scene with 7 Train” Edition size 40 archival pigment  prints. 5 artists proofs and 5 Printers Proofs. Hand signed and numbered by Lady Pink, along with the DirtyPilot emboss . Sheet Size a LARGE 31”x 24”(78 cm x 60 cm) . Printed on Moab Ebtrada Rag, 300gms. A heavy weight paper acid free art. 

From a vintage 1985 painting.

 “At the age of 21, [I] was self-taught and expressed an uncanny ability to paint. [I have] little memory of [my] early years but remember painting as an outlet for [my] grief. [In the painting, Idyllic Scene with 7 Train, a] jarring representation of coexisting utopian and dystopian worlds, the deteriorating wall is tagged with names of family and recently deceased friends as new life pushes through. Names include ‘Caine 1,’ murdered at the age of 23, and ‘Bear 167,’ thrown off of a 17-story building. The motif of tagging deceased friends can be found in [many of my works.]”

– Lady Pink



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