KR. ONE "StayHigh 149"

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KR. ONE – "Stayhigh 149”. 2012.  Measures 17x14 " , Pen, Ink and marker on paper.

Gordon Wayne Roberts created the tag Stay High 149, combined it with a smoking, halo-adorned stick man he borrowed from The Saint television show and changed the face of graffiti.  It's hard to imagine a trip through the subway system in early 70's without seeing his name a dozen times. Changing to his secondary alias, voice of the ghetto, around 1974 , ,he introduced the world to two and three toned markers that spewed rainbows of psychedelic cool. After a 25 year disappearance , a time during which many assumed him dead, he reappeared at a graff show in 2000 and soon launched a comeback that gave a new generation a chance to know and love his work. His tags had the rarest combination of style and meaning I've ever witnessed . High Maintenance is about paying back one of the most inspirational , yet humble cats to ever wield a marker. His spirit and legacy has touched every era of a culture that's blown up world wide. The artists who so generously donated their work for this benefit are giving their collective thanks to a man who transcended graffiti culture and in time be remembered as an American Folk Hero. All net proceeds from this sale will go to Stayhigh's Family.

Louie aka KR.ONE, Gasparro is a self taught natural artist. His inspirations and earliest influences range from Saturday morning cartoons, 1960’s and 70’s underground comics, rock album cover and poster art and of course the rolling art of NYC Subway Graffiti.
Specific influences include: Roger Dean, Rodney Matthews, Vaughn Bode, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Nino, Josh Kirby, Syd Mead, Frank Frazzetta, Dan Merriam, DON 1, TRACY 168, ROTO, SON1, PRO1, and KEL139.

Born in Manhattan, raised in Astoria Queens; Louie totally absorbed the early to mid 70’s graffiti metamorphosis and in 1977 took the name KROME later changing it to KR.ONE. New York City’s MTA subway RR, M, L, J, A, B, 2 and 5 lines became the surface choice of this emerging artist’s creative expression.

In 1982, Louie put his late night subway excursions on pause to begin his musical career playing drums and guitars. He has written music and drummed for such legendary NYC bands, MURPHY’s LAW, LORDZ OFBROOKLYN, BLITZSPEER, SUPERVILLAIN and current hard rock / heavy metal project RESURRECTION SORROW, which are about to release their first independent cd in Aug.09.

All the while creating original artwork for other up and coming acts musical acts.

Thirty years and many miles later, this creative fire still burns bright as Louie continues his graphic, illustrative and graffiti art paintings with his own design company KOLORSTORM GRAFFICS, creating fine art, cd/dvd packaging, mural art, logo design, and clothing.
Louie has taken part in several successful solo and group showings along with his artwork being showcased in several books and magazine publications.



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