Kostas Seremetis - "Toxic Crunch" 1992


Kostas Seremetis - "Toxic Crunch" 1992. Marker, Ink and aerosol on light card stock. measures 14" x 17" inches. Accomplished in 1992 while living in Boston.


Kostas Seremetis (born December 7, 1972 in Boston, MA) is an American painter, sculptor and filmmaker. Born to Greek immigrants from the Laconia  region in Greece (Krokeaí, Sparta). Highly influenced by comic book art, animation cartoons, graffiti art of the 1980s, Greek mythology and contemporary masters. Known for using the comic book popular pulp characters as typography in order to express a visual language in mediums such as paintings, collage, sculptures and films. By the time he was 30 he has established a large international following, by exhibiting his art worldwide mainly in Tokyo, New York, Berlin and Paris.


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