KOOR - "Visual Telepathy" Painting 1987

KOOR - "Visual Telepathy" Painting 1987

KOOR - "Visual Telepathy" Painting 1987. Spray Paint on Canvas. Measures approx 94" x 72" inches. (240cm x 184cm).

From  the Ex Collection of Henke Pijnenburg.


"KOOR" (born Charles Hargrove, 1963 in the Bronx New York) is his artist name as a turn around of "ROOK" which means tower in the chessplay.
The choice for his graffiti name is determined by his love for architectural elements, which he applies in his graffiti art works often.

KOOR is inspired by new science and technology. He calls his work "Futuristic Symbolism". The robot appeared many times in his older work.

His first show he did at the age of 16. It was the big Fashion Moda show of 1980.

Together with his friend Rammellzee and other artists like QUIK, DONDI WHITE, CRASH and FUTURA he stood at the basis of the New York Graffiti Street Art Movement.

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