KLASS RTW - "Free Me" Drawing

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KLASS RTW  - "Free Me"  This Drawing is from the "Drawings from Inside" series. Accomplished in ink, Measures 8.5x11on paper. 

"These drawings were done "inside"while I was recently incarcerated for growing medicinal marijuana under some Draconian laws.    Thankfully I was able to draw as I was stuck in a 6' x 8' cell sometimes 23 hrs a day.  Important to note is that the materials used were all contraband, and extremely hard to come by...  The trains were mailed in sneakily and everything else  I had to creatively obtain..( beg, borrow, steal, and trade for) .. Some are graphite, bic pen, colored pencils,  marker and often a combination of  the above.. The Joker piece "Leaving The Asylum" is colored pencil, graphite, bic, sharpie,   Sometimes colors were made by wetting M & Ms and Kool Aid but they unfortunately don"t last very long" 


"Roaming around storage areas are often where I often spend my days, and where I have made many of my best personal discoveries. It was in the archives of the Museum of the City of New York that I first came across the treasure trove of black books that came to be featured in the recent exhibition and companion publication City as Canvas.

When Dirty Pilot asked me to look around their virtual “back pages” to look for a selection of overlooked gems, I gladly accepted. What is better than the thrill of the hunt? The results are a selection of work from the “back room” that are exceptional pieces by some of the masters of this art form – be it the iconic tag of TAKI 183, the psychedelic bubble stylings of PART ONE, or the comic book influenced spray can man and “Jack Kirby krackle” of DR. REVOLT, 

Regardless of whether these treasures are created with pens, markers, paint, or spray paint, the common thread is lettering. It was the origin and will always be at the heart of this particular art form.

My treasure hunt is now yours to enjoy. Make a few discoveries of you own."

Sean Corcoran, Curator at Museum of the City of New York

More about the show at MCNY - http://www.mcny.org/content/city-canvas




Klass' graffiti was born of East Harlem "the Gates of the Ghetto" as the main partner of Shaker 179 RTW TFA TDS.

Together, they bombed streets, highways and subways throughout the city starting in the early 80's before retiring briefly in 1988. 1990 was a comeback year for him and a new generation of TDS artists who were painting large scale illegal walls mostly in Harlem. A neighborhood so rich in graffiti history. He has painted with the best of the best of NYC writers like Dr. Revolt, Zephyr, Quik, Shaker, Part 1, A-One, Toxic, Ezo, Smith, Tracy 168 to name a few. He was partly responsible for a historic comeback of "Zephyr" in the early 90's when they painted many walls, highways, and freight trains pretty hard with Lady Pink and Smith, Omni 156, etc... Klass was also a friend of the late great Rammelizee since the early 80's and holds down 2 letters in the alphabet of the iconoclastic master... P1 and F1...
Klass went on to get a scholarship to Parsons School of Design, The Aegean School of Art (Greece), and the Bank St. School of Education. He's taught art at Washington Irving HS in NYC and for Putney Student Travel in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), The Aegean School of Art (Greece) and has done numerous murals and workshops throughout Europe and South America.
He's also a frequent lecturer at Parsons School of Design among other universities.
He's had one man shows in NYC (Kanvas Gallery), Chelsea, and Los Angeles (Atmosphere Gallery). The Englewood Public in NJ. He's been included in many group shows in America, South America, France, Holland, Greece, and is in many prestigious collections including the Gran Palais (le tag) collection, the government of Greece, the center for Cuban Studies and others... Today Klass travels as much as possible but lives and works in NYC.



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