JoKa - Hide the Evidence Under a Pretty Face

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JoKa – Titled “Hide the Evidence Under a Pretty Face" 8.75" x 13.25", Acrylic on wood and illustration board, painted with toothpicks.

JoKa is a contemporary artist specializing in pointillism, using toothpicks as his sole form of paint application. A student of inefficiency, his personal philosophy is “it isn’t art if it doesn’t take three times longer than it’s supposed to!” Common subjects include charbroiled meat, sex, dissection, hypnosis, mammalian societal bonds, youth corruption, obesity, swashbuckling, insects, male-pattern baldness, bumps, self-loathing, candy corn and clones. Using collage, he skews and distorts, pushing familiar images into the surreal. His work has been called nostalgic, though not by him. His art has been featured nationally as well as internationally, and in national art publications. He is a carnivore. Find him on the InterWeb at



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