FUTURA 2000 -"Triptych" 1993 painting

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FUTURA 2000 -"Triptych" 1993 painting. Spray Paint on 3 canvases, each painting measures 24.25х 24.25 in. Each signed verso by Futura.

Interested in storytelling, progressive graffiti artist Futura uses various and differing techniques to establish rich sceneries through which his narratives can emerge. In this early 1981 composition, Futura creates a dynamic landscape that plays off of the juxtaposition of material and form. Emphasizing the strictness of geometry, Futura builds an architectural setting that comes to life with the sense of depth that is added by spray-paint. Spontaneous yet planned, Futura’s world provides an intriguing obstacle for the silhouetted figure at the bottom of the canvas.

Futura (B. 1955, New York) is an internationally acclaimed graffiti artist who got his start tagging New York City's subway lines in the early seventies. Most distinctive in Futura’s work is his pioneering, abstract approach to graffiti art in the 1980s, which during that time was a genre which mainly dominated by text. During this time, he exhibited at the Fun Gallery with such renowned artists as Keith Harring, Patti Astor, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf and Richard Hambleton. He has exhibited at venues the world over including ICA (London, UK), Solaria (Fukaoka, JP), TBM Experiment (Rome, IT), and Gallery du Jour (Paris, FR), among various others.
Futura work is increasing more difficult to find as his star continues to rise.
Born in 1955 in New York, Leonard Hilton McGurr, otherwise known as Futura 2000 is an internationally acclaimed graffiti artist. Futura started tagging as a youth in the early 1970s, during this time he worked alongside and was heavily influenced by respected subway artist ALI. Futura’s artistic style is characterized by his abstract approach to street art. During the 1980s, graffiti art predominantly focused on lettering, Futura’s work was less literal. The abstract style of street art pioneered by Futura 2000 has been highly influential and has become increasingly popular as a result. In 1981 Futura toured with band ‘The Clash’, during this time he began creating graffiti works ‘legally’ as a live on-stage painter for the group. His involvement with ‘The Clash’ led to the creation of some of his most prolific work as both a designer and illustrator of record sleeves. Futura has also worked in conjunction with British DJ James Lavelle in order to create imagery that has largely defined the DJs increasingly successful ‘UNKLE’ project. Recently, Futura has teamed up with a variety of large name brands including, Nike, North Face, Medicom Toy and Levi’s, in order to produce collectible toys, sneakers and a diverse range of creative media. Futura also works and designs for his Japan based clothing label ‘Futura Laboratories’. He has exhibited at venues the world over including ICA (London, UK), Solaria (Fukaoka, JP), TBM Experiment (Rome, IT), and Gallery du Jour (Paris, FR), among various others.


Acrylic, Spray Paint, on canvas
12 х 24 in. cm.
Signed, inscribed, and dated, 'Futura 2000, FOR OBDEWL X July 1st 81 6:30 PM'

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