EZO - Firebear Takes a Stroll

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Ezo – Titled “Father Unreal, Watercolor and ink on board, measures 12x6, accomplished on 2013

EZO WIPPLER is from New york city. He was raised on the cusp of Puerto Rican spiritual culture contrasted against the cynicism and spectacle of modern American city life. He Studied American comic books with The Ramones , The Clash and Disco as a soundtrack, He then racked up his first spray can and painted his first subway train.

He has been exhibiting  since 1983. Most recently he exhibited at Art Basel Miami and The Grand Palais in Paris. His work has also appeared in the motion pictures PINERO and MY BROTHER and most recently DON PEYOTE.

He works in oils, aerosol and various mixed media on linen and paper and The streets with the use of use fire and water to manipulate the mediums and surface areas with different levels of opacity. His work is highly figurative yet can become abstract in the way it bisects the composition and the layering of its many surfaces, as his images project a stream of consciousness. 

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