DON 1 MAFIA - "Untitled" Black Book Drawing

DON 1 MAFIA - "Untitled" Black Book Drawing

DON ONE MAFIA - Untitled, measures 5.5x8. From 1976.
Founding President of MAFIA. 
Masters Administration For Incredible Artists.
A true style master tagger and piecer.
On subway cars, walls and in blackbooks. 

DON 1 brought his immense styles and talent to the BMT's during the years of 1973-1977. 
Burning the RR, L, M, and J lines to the ground with style and color combos not yet seen on these lines.

Hailing from Long Island City/ Astoria, this alumni of the prestigious Art and Design High School remains one of NYC Graffiti's truly underated talents.

Influencing , among many, the likes of DONDI CIA , DEAN BYB, DAZE CYA, and KR.ONE TSS.


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