DirtyPilot "Year One Rewind" Deluxe Book w/ PaperMonster Print

DirtyPilot "Year One Rewind" Deluxe Book w/ PaperMonster Print


Dirtypilot.com Year One Rewind Deluxe Edition book with PaperMonster Print.

The Deluxe Edition is also signed by many of the artists. (Signatures will be random)

The Art of Dirty Pilot
Art /Pop Culture
96 Pages – Hardcover. w/ artists signatures and Print.

PaperMonster print measures approx 8″×10 and is 2-color Silkscreen w/hand stencil on Sommerset 100% cotton rag. Edition size 50. Hand Signed and numbered by PaperMonster

Co-Published and Distributed by Last Gasp

Dirtypilot.com Year 1 Rewind presents the work of 15 of the artists that Dirtypilot.com has showcased in its monthly online exhibitions during its inaugural year, beginning in May 2007. These works embrace a range of movements from graffiti, street and urban art to pop and and outsider art. Rendered in mediums, from spray paint, oil, acrylic, water color and mixed media, to simple pen and ink, graphic, silkscreen and other transfer methods.

Featured artists include up and coming talents along with established artists, such as Chris “Daze” Ellis, Kime Buzzelli, Bravo Jet, Albert Reyes, Papermonster, Chris Stain, Ghost, Cern YMI, Dennis McNett, Greg Gossel, Stephen Tompkins, Enrique Martinez, Justin Bua, Michael Krueger and Daniel Johnston. Both a contemporary representation of the most riveting urban art of our time and a frozen slice of art history that hundreds of thousands of urban art collectors and aficionados who frequent DirtyPilot.com can enjoy today and tomorrow. This diverse body of artwork also stands as an enlightening sampling for collectors and art students unfamiliar with urban motifs.

A sturdy, hardcover compellation of shows, Dirtypilot.com Year 1 Rewind dedicates from two to six pages of illustrations of each showcased artist as well as the dates the artists showed their work on Dirtypilot.com. It also delivers biographical sketches on each contributor. The book’s introduction by Dirtypilot.com founder Alan Bortman offers insightful background information on the origin and focal point of the Dirtypilot site. If you’re passionate about urban art and urban artists and want to learn more, Dirtypilot.com Year 1 Rewind is a visual treasure trove for collectors that you won’t want to be without.


This is a Pre-sale and orders will be shipped end of April 2009.

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