DEZO- "Untitled"  Blackbook Drawing

DEZO- "Untitled" Blackbook Drawing

DEZO – “Untitled” Blackbook Drawing 2010.Markers on paper. Size 8X10"

Dezo started writing back in 1979 and has been continuous up to present day with no plans to ever stop.

As an adolescent growing up in Asbury Park, NJ, Dezo had several occasions to stay with his brother in the South Bronx, he was amazed by the trains. He would watch the whole cars go by the window and would be totally amazed by the intricacy of colors and artwork. From then, he knew that was form of art he wanted to be involved in; never realizing how it would influence his future.

After receiving his Masters Degree from Trenton State in Fine Arts, he moved to Rhode Island and worked for a clothing manufacturer doing designs for them.

Today, Dezo is involved in many different projects such as tattooing, his own T shirt company, as well as professional logo design for the entertainment and business industries.


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