CRASH "Gothem" Catalog 1993


CRASH "Gothem" Catalog 1993 From the Collection of Rich Colicchio Gallery 51X

51X Gallery
Rich Colicchio

After graduating from school of visual arts in 1980 I faced the usual dilemma of a fine artist. How do I get my work into galleries? The idea of trudging from one Soho gallery to another with my slides depressed me. I realized the only way to get exposure was to do it myself. So in 1981, in a storefront at 51 St. Marks Place, 51X Gallery was born. Created as an alternative to the Soho and 57th St. gallery system, 51X had the distinction of being one of the first artist run gallery's in the East Village.

From 1981- 1984, 51X produced a variety of exhibitions featuring the artists who defined the downtown scene. In presenting shows by Dondi , Crash, Futura, Zephyr and Revolt, among others, 51X aided greatly in shaping and giving impetus to the graffiti art movement.

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Dondi White