CHAIN 3  - "Untitled"

CHAIN 3 - "Untitled"

Chain 3 - Titled "Untitled"- Marker on paper. Approx 11"x 8.5.

Chain3 began writing graffiti in 1973 in his school and neighborhood, venturing into the New York Transit systems subways in 1974. Taking a cue from predecessors and peers like the legendary RIFF170, DOO2, and Butch2, Chain prided himself in pushing the limits of style and being on the cutting edge of innovation, he is easily counted amongst the ranks of the pioneering early generation. 

As the first president, along with founding members, Kool131, Part1, and Mr Jinx, he helped give birth to the incomparable crew of seasoned writers known as "The Death Squad". Soon after Chain was approached by Kadeand TeanTMT Crew President and VP respectively and asked to join The (already) Magnificent Team, adding another dimension to their writing acumen. 
In 30 years Chain3 has produced some of the most prolific and memorable subway cars, walls, and murals in the annals of Graffiti history. Still painting actively today, Chain is constantly in pursuit of creating "that new thing" to level up the game of writing, and although a veteran of "the golden era", his work is still relevant and fresh.     


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