BILLY MODE - Untitled #2 (Stencil Show)

BILLY MODE - Untitled #2 (Stencil Show)

BILLY MODETITLED “Untitled #2”, mixed media, Approximately 18″ × 18″

“For many years I have frequently given thought to the subject of “Science and Humanism” My interest began while working on a series titled “Psychological Profiles”. in this series I explored the idea of what happens inside ones being. I felt the usage of collage was necessary for this series because most of what makes up our being is information (visual or literal)

This then led me to think on the cellular level. The idea of our cells possibly having memory, reason and purpose. Instead of figures I chose organic shapes, and I gave them personality in the abstract paintings. For me cellular shapes are symbolic of the human figure in many ways. As humans, we are like cellular organisms working together, having purpose and reason."


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Billy Mode