BILLY MODE - Mode Cube #3

Billy Mode-  "Cube #3" Spray Paint on paper mounted to wood. Each panel Hexagon shape and measures 7"x9" and cut from wood, Wall hanger mounted verso. Signed and dated verso. Each piece is Unique

The idea of creating a group of works that have the ability to be interchangeable has interested me for some time. Through the use of designing and cutting stencils, I’ve developed a modular system which will allow me to create pattern and dimension in a variety of scales. My formal art training began with the use of words in graffiti art. Throughout the years I’ve explored different letter styles to learn and understand the fundamental design elements of letters. Originality is an important aspect as a graffiti artist and each artist adds to the progression of the art form. With this new group of works I’m using a hexagon shape to create a 3d model that I then build words on. As the series grows I can mix up the words or phrases to create new images.

About the Artist

Billy Mode