ANDY WARHOL - Pop Box. For a goofy way to pass a rainy day, dig into an Andy Warhol Pop Box. This hot-pink time capsule preserves snippets of a chaotic life of timeless fame. Chronicle Books, which produced the curiosity, has filled it with ‘exact reproductions of ephemera from the Factory years and beyond.” Warhol was unrestrained as a collector and kept corrugated boxes full of notes, invitations and other tidbits on the floor of his office. Each was dated and sealed when full, creating a series of conceptual artworks. With a cow-face stamp, a note from Mick Jagger, postcards and an astrological chart, this box is good for at least 15 minutes of fun. -Washington Post

Product Description
Andy Warhol has been called the pope of twentieth-century pop culture-a one-man show who dazzled with his innovative influence not only on modern art, but also on film, music, fashion, and even the idea of celebrity. This box offers a unique peek at this modern legend s vibrant, chaotic life, with exact reproductions of fascinating ephemera from the Factory years and beyond.

Product Details
Publisher: Chronicle Books (September 2002)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9.4×7 x 2 inches

About the Artist

Andy Warhol