The Why

What is (Dirty Pilot?), and why does it exist?

I began DP because galleries aren’t always the most customer-friendly businesses, and I wanted to help change that.
There had to be a way for people to see new art – and buy it – in an easier way. Not everyone is spooked at the thought of walking
into a gallery, but enough people definitely are that it made me want to try a new way. I’ve been on every side of the process: as an artist exhibiting my work; as a swanky Newbury Street gallery owner in Boston, and through it all as a collector of incredible artwork
that I’d never want to sell for any price.

Web sites break down so many of those barriers, so I wanted to use to reach some of these new audiences worldwide.

The web is open 24 hours a day and isn’t hidden in some odd part of town. There’s no pressure and nobody either staring at you or obviously ignoring you. But most importantly, is a place where people can learn about a group of artists whose work I love and am passionate about, as well as make a purchase if they’re so inclined, whether of artwork or of clothing, prints or books.

That said, on to the artists and their work. This collection represents some of my favorite artists, not only for the work they make

but for who they are as people and for the roles they play in their respective genres.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to work directly with most of them.

Dirty Pilot is proud to present this collection of work from these artists, and we hope that you’ll take the opportunity to visit often

to see more of their work and the work of many other artists.

And say hello when you do.



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