COPE2  - "Trains of Thought" Print

COPE2 - "Trains of Thought" Print

COPE2   –"Trains of Thought". Print.  Archival Pigment Print on Moab Entrada 300 gms art paper. Edition of only 15.  Size measures  36″ × 9″. Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.


Graffiti on trains has always been a controversial medium, and this has certainly been one of the reasons that has made the form controversial and has brought such popularity to the movement.Although there have been many arguments about graffiti on trains, the train has been the medium of choice for the ‘Graffiti Writer’. It is something that has been a vital part of the New York transit history, 

that often is spoke about by many of those who have had the experience to witness the works displayed on the subway system of New York.

"Trains of Thought" has re- captured the true attitude of graffiti once again, by placing original art form on trains! 


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Trains of Thought