SKEME - "Thai Stick" Color Drawing

SKEME - "Thai Stick" Drawing. Marker & Ink on Lined Paper from SKEME's personal Composition Book. Measures 9.75 x 7.25. From 2016.

* Drawing comes UNFRAMED, frame NOT Included.

SKEME graced the New York City subway system with his stylized  graffiti from 1979 to 1982. A relatively short but equally prolific career marked him, along with his mother as one of the artists featured in the groundbreaking HipHop documentary Style Wars, which shed light on the who, what, where, when, how and why of the NYC graffiti movement. After a 30 year hiatus , SKEME has returned to pick up where he left off and resume his love affair with the now global art form he helped bring to the forefront.

About the Artist


Skeme began writing in 1979 at the age of 15. He “got up” on the 1, 2, 3, 5, A, CC, and D lines and also hit the 4, E, F, M, and J lines of the New York City subway system, quickly going “ALL CITY”. He wrote with many of graffiti's greats, to include Phase2, Chain3, Kool131, Tean5, Kade198, Smily149 (RIP), Dez, Part1, Kase2 (RIP), EN005 (RIP) and Daze.  After "bombing" the insides with one of Graff's most recognizable hand styles, Skeme ventured to the outsides in 1980 and went on to execute numerous “window down-panel pieces” (both straight and wild styles), “top to bottoms”, “end to ends”, “whole cars”, “simple silvers”, and “throw ups”. Together with his partners Dez, Daze, and Spank, he went on to produce what are arguably some of graffiti's most iconic masterpieces.   

Skeme also enjoyed membership and affiliation with some of the top writing crews of the day to include: INDS, TDS, TMT, TNT, TED, and 3YB. In early 82', Skeme, along with his mother, was featured in the pioneering documentary, “Style Wars”, produced by Henry Chalfant and Tony Silvers, which showcased Graff and B-Boying, two of Hip Hop's primary elements. Although this documentary practically made Skeme a household name, he considers his crowning achievements as the time Graff legend and pioneer Phase2 (INDS Founder) sought him out and enlisted him to assist in pulling off the famous “Tuff City” car and most notably piecing with his heroes Tean and Kade, Chain3, Kool131, and Part1 and ultimately gaining membership in the "The Magnificent Team" (TMT Crew). In the tradition of those greats, as well as Riff170, Skeme considers himself a letter purist with a "minor" in drawing characters and caricatures. 

Shortly after the filming of "Style Wars" Skeme's mother “suggested” he “leave” the house, whereupon he joined the US Army, executing his final piece the night before departing for basic training. After 28 years of service he retired in 2010 and returned to find that many of his old Graff partners were still painting, and painting well. After a few "rust removal" painting sessions, Skeme got his "mojo" back and jumped into the Graff world with both feet, essentially becoming the Austin Powers of Graffiti. Heavily influenced by the art of Marvel Comics and Heavy Metal magazine. Today Skeme's work is better than ever, as if he never missed a beat!!