DON1- "Black book" Print


DON1- "Black book"  Print

 Archival Pigment Print on the 300gms art paper. Paper size measures 17"x15″.

Hand Signed by the artist lower right from an edition of only 40.



About the Artist


Among the famous graffiti artists from New York City's 1970s subway era was an unassuming talent from the unassuming borough of Queens. The Italian-American rock and roller who wrote DON 1 MAFIA blasted onto the scene like a meteorite out of nowhere. His influence on this art form transcended the inner city and he became a legend and a household name. But his descent from the top of this name game, a result of the hedonistic lifestyle of New York City at the time, was just as swift, and for years DON1 has lived in obscurity.