ZEPHYR - "Rappin witn the Rickster"

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ZEPHYR - "Rappin witn the Rickster". An ICONIC work, accomplished with Aerosol, marker and mixed media on paper. Sheet size measures 13" x 14" inches plus frame as shown.



About the Artist


Dubbed “The elder-statesman of graffiti” by the New York Times in 1995, Zephyr began creating graffiti in 1975 and first signed using the name "Zephyr" in 1977. He was part of the first wave of New York City graffiti artists to make the transition from applying graffiti to subway cars and buildings, to exhibiting in galleries. Zephyr is best known for redesigning his trademark name, “Zeph” or “Zephyr.” He is a veteran of New York’s FunGallery, which also included graffiti legends Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.