MS RUSE  "NO" No Parking Sign

MS RUSE "NO" No Parking Sign

MS RUSE  "NO" No Parking Sign - Acrylic, Spray and Marker on flexible Plastic No Parking Sign . Size measures  12"x 18" from 2017 

Ms. Ruse began painting in Santa Cruz, California in 2002, after being introduced to the art form from another graffiti artist in the area. The only prior exposure she had in her life to graffiti was in 10th grade in Durango, Colorado where a schoolmate had taught her how to tag “Killa Bees”. (Wu-Tang!)

After being introduced to graff, she was instantly hooked.  She painted solo for 3 years in and around the Bay Area, until she moved to Los Angeles. There, she was very active, and she was particularly fond of street and freeway bombing.  

In the Winter of 2015 she relocated to the Bronx, where she came in contact with originators of graffiti style, and upon meeting SONIC in the Summer of 2016, her style began to evolve into more of a contemporary / pop art feel.  

Her art style continues to evolve as she draws inspiration from artists past and present, and strives to learn new styles and techniques.   



About the Artist

Mark Bode

In 1975  a light left this world taking with it a magnificent universe filled with nymphs and gnomes and  little creatures  that lived their often tragic lives in front of our eyes. This light was Vaughn Bode. His short professional career only spans one decade from 1965 to his death in 1975. That same year in 75 a handful of graffiti artists hit the NYC subway cars with comic books in tow and decided to bust a Bode character next to their piece. The rest was history.  Year after year artist after artist imitated the characters done by early graffiti writers. Soon people didn't even realize where these characters originated. Since then, Vaughns wife Barbara and son Mark started reprinting the material in the early 80s. Books such as Erotica, Deadbone and Cheech Wizard became accessible to new school writers and the Bode characters became icons in the graffiti world. No other characters are so borrowed with such fervor as the beloved Bode characters. Many of Vaughns originals were sold over a 25 year period by the Bode estate and very few original pieces exist today. Vaughn  is gone but the legend lives on  through his son Mark Bode. Mark revived the Bode universe that was cut short and has had his own career and string of hit comics and has been  doing spray can murals and gallery shows globally, making Da Bode a  brand name with world wide recognition. Mark brings those classic images  back to the light in a medium that can be displayed and cherished for the new generations to come. Hence Mark and Vaughn Bodes   "ICONS" Dirty Pilot presents 20 new pieces created specifically for this show recreated in a large format from the classics Bode strips.