ZENOY - "Betty Boop Style"  Painting on Paris Map

ZENOY - "Betty Boop Style" Painting on Paris Map

ZENOY  - Titled " Betty Boop Style". Acrylic and Spray on used Paris Transit  Map, 2012. Measures 21 × 33 Inches". 

 Zenoy was born and lived in the suburbs of Paris and begins Graffiti by the end of the eighties (1988) with friends in subways, trains, as well as the walls of the French capital "Paris ", then very quickly with the crew " OPR « (on pète Rispa ») then with very active « DKC » (Désormais Kings de la Capitale »

Some years later, he is also part of the crew " D77 « (Défonce 7 jours sur 7) with whom he will perpetuate his activism of graffeur known for his coloured pieces and his harmonious and original letters.

Zenoy painted and displayed in various country of Europe, such as Austria (Vienne), Italy (Rome), Switzerland, Germany and Holland.

Appeared in several French mass media such as of books on the Parisian graffiti " Descente interdite ", « Paris City », "Kapital". Filmed for reports televised on big French TV and accomplishes frescoes for musical videos, as well as for devoted Graffiti DVD such as « Still free » and « Wild War »


He painted for big Brands such as "PlayStation", "Adicolors", Red bull », Jean Patou, Natixis, Actualis. He also realized drawings with a strong visual sense for the creator of French fashion Agnès B, which were printed on clothes and sold in her stores.

He displays in Galleries " Galerie Blumann " at Place des Vosges in Paris as well as in notorious rooms of contemporary art "Art Elysées" in Champs Elysées in Paris, as 


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