BAM "L is for Love" Painting

BAM "L is for Love" Painting. Measures - 36x48" - Acrylic and spray paint on Canvas. From 2014

Known in the graffiti world as Mike Bam, his last name Tyau rhymes with "meow." Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Mike arrived in San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art in 1986 to learn how to be a graphic designer. With a new metropolis to use as a canvas, Mike frequently painted the graffiti yards of Psycho City and the Oakland train tracks with fellow members of the TWS (Together With Style) crew & TDK (Those Damn Kids) crew. 

In the 90's, Mike quit writing in the streets and started his career in the videogame industry working for Sega of America and climbed the corporate ladder to become an art director in package design. In '97, he started his own computer animation business and his work in computer graphics currently affects how he uses technology in his work today.

He has travelled to New York City, Miami, Hiroshima, Barcelona, Florence, and frequently back to Honolulu to collaborate with other artists. He's also participated in the mural festivals of Miami Art Basel and Pow Wow Hawaii.

Mike continues to create ground breaking art in different types of mixed media in addition to spraypaint. The 2015 "Color Infusion" series all started as color compositions on an Apple iPad. Mike has transferred his color waves from computer to digital prints, canvases and to large scale walls. Check out more of his work at or follow him @miketyau.

About the Artist