KR. ONE  "Tag Mug Throw"

KR. ONE "Tag Mug Throw"


KR. ONE - Titled "Tag Mug Throw". 2013.  Measures 11x17 " ,Ink, Acrylic & Gouache on NYC, MYA Poster.

One of twelve children born in Manhattan to Italian immigrants and raised in the Astoria / Long Island City section Queens, NYC Louie "KR.ONE" found his inspirations and earliest influences in the Saturday morning cartoons of his childhood.

The 1970's underground comics, hard rock and progressive album covers and poster art were all very instrumental in opening his eyes to art.

Gasparro, was heavily influenced by and took part in the rolling art of NYC Subway Graffiti era from 1977-1983. Primarily affiliated with MTA writing groups groups such as TSS (The Super Squad) RTW (Rolling Thunder Writers) and MAFIA (Masters Administration For Incredible Artists)

Also an accomplished musician having traveled the world, creating art, writing music, performing on drums and guitar for such legendary NYC bands as: MURPHY's LAW, LORDZ OF BROOKLYN, BLITZSPEER, PSYCHO 69, SUPERVILLAIN and THE RESURRECTION SORROW.

2012 and 2013 are pivotal years for Louie KR.ONE exploding with three highly successful solo shows in New York City.

"Bringer Of The Kolorstorm" and "A Fistful Of Stars" Both held at the C.A.W.S. gallery in Long Island City. These two shows attracted over 200 people for each opening and were near complete sell outs of all art showcased garnering much critical acclaim within the NYC graffiti art scene as well as mainstream coverage such as CNN and QPTV.

"Servants Of The Crown, Keepers Of The Sign" was an event showcasing the fusion of Gasparro's two major the passions. Art and Music. A full solo art show culminating with a full musical performance.

Also an author, 2014 will see the international release of "DON 1,The King From Queens" A book about the compelling life story and riveting photos of the influential NYC style master writer, DON 1 MAFIA and the undocumented BMT subway lines of NYC in 1970's.

KR.ONE has appeared live painting graffiti art at "Meetings Of Style" in NYC, Chicago, Florida and Montreal and as a featured artist and contributor to the "Write Of Passage" series held at the RedBull studios in NYC.

A booklet of all full color pages from KR.ONE's private black book collections titled "KR.ONE The Confessions Of A Paper Toy" released by DIRTYPILOT.COM Louie "KR.ONE" Gasparro's work can be seen in several publications such as:

The History Of American Graffiti (Harper-Collins) Subway Art (Holt Paperbacks) Graffiti New York (Abrams) Tag Town: The Evolution of New York Graffiti Writing (Dokument Press) New York City- Black Book Masters (From Here to Fame) Piecebook: The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers (Prestel USA) Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings, 1985-2005 (Prestel USA) Flip the Script: A Guidebook For Aspiring Vandals & Typographers (Upper Playground / Ginko Press) Video Games : Grand Theft Auto, Vice City (Rockstar Games) "Art is my life. I move through it and it moves through me."


About the Artist


Louie aka KR.ONE, Gasparro is a self taught natural artist. His inspirations and earliest influences range from Saturday morning cartoons, 1960’s and 70’s underground comics, rock album cover and poster art and of course the rolling art of NYC Subway Graffiti.
Specific influences include: Roger Dean, Rodney Matthews, Vaughn Bode, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Nino, Josh Kirby, Syd Mead, Frank Frazzetta, Dan Merriam, DON 1, TRACY 168, ROTO, SON1, PRO1, and KEL139.

Born in Manhattan, raised in Astoria Queens; Louie totally absorbed the early to mid 70’s graffiti metamorphosis and in 1977 took the name KROME later changing it to KR.ONE. New York City’s MTA subway RR, M, L, J, A, B, 2 and 5 lines became the surface choice of this emerging artist’s creative expression.

In 1982, Louie put his late night subway excursions on pause to begin his musical career playing drums and guitars. He has written music and drummed for such legendary NYC bands, MURPHY’s LAW, LORDZ OFBROOKLYN, BLITZSPEER, SUPERVILLAIN and current hard rock / heavy metal project RESURRECTION SORROW, which are about to release their first independent cd in Aug.09.

All the while creating original artwork for other up and coming acts musical acts.

Thirty years and many miles later, this creative fire still burns bright as Louie continues his graphic, illustrative and graffiti art paintings with his own design company KOLORSTORM GRAFFICS, creating fine art, cd/dvd packaging, mural art, logo design, and clothing.
Louie has taken part in several successful solo and group showings along with his artwork being showcased in several books and magazine publications.