IZ THE WIZ - " Watch out for the Scorpion"

IZ THE WIZ - " Watch out for the Scorpion"

IZ THE WIZ, Titled "Watch out for the Scorpion”-  Marker on paper. Size measures 8”x 5”inches. Signed and dated 1994.


About the Artist


IZ Began his writing career in the early 1970’s and went on to become one of the most prolific graffiti writers of all time. He holds the title of the all time “All City King” of New York City Subways and only ONE holds that prestigious honor.

IZ played a major role in the development of writing and provided inspiration for every generation of writer that exists today. Hailing from Queens IZ took over the city subway system, line by line. During his career there was a time when he did 100+ throwups every night, for an entire year! The dedication and love for writing is apparent in all of his works, from the burners on the trains, the sketches on paper and the canvasses that capture the essence of writing. IZ will also often drop a little side note next to his work, little message that takes a minute to sink in and when it does you always get a grin.

He is also known for his epic role played in the film Style Wars. His witty remarks remain some of the most quoted words and phrases in the writing lexicon. When just the words you have said 25+ years ago are recognized and used in current conversations, you have successfully made your mark in history. In the movie IZ was asked something to the effect of when will you stop, and he said “ I will come back every now and then to let people know I am still around”. The true beauty is the fact that he never left and he continues to bless the people with gems that capture the essence of what graffiti writing is.

And whenever you hear the phrase…”THIS IZ IT”…”THIS IZ IT”…. recognize.